Racor R12T Fuel Filter Water Separator

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No matter how carefully gasoline or diesel is handled, contamination in the form of dirt, sludge or water will always find its way into your fuel tank. With modern engines now injecting fuel at over 36,000 psi and injector tolerances measured in microns, even a small amount of dirt or water corrosion can cause damaged components, reduced engine efficiency, and in severe cases, complete injector break-down.

Racor Spin-on Series Fuel Filter Water Separators provide maximum protection of modern diesel and gasoline engines by effectively removing contaminants from fuel, such as water, silica, sand, dirt, and rust. The mounting head and filter body are protected with a durable electrostatically-applied powder coating for superior corrosion resistance. The unique spin-on filter design is easy to service and features a reusable clear plastic or metal contaminant collection bowl with a self-venting drain or metal plug.

The Racor R12 is a replacement element for the Racor 120A series fuel filter assembly. It is designed to be installed on the suction side of the fuel system with maximum flow capacities of 15 gallons per hour (GPH). The compact size versatility make the R12 series a very popular small filter for many applications.


  • Fits Racor Series – 120A, 120B, 140
  • Micron Rating: 10 micron
  • For Vacuum (Suction side) applications
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 15 GPH (57 LPH)
  • 99% efficient Aquabloc® water repelling filter media