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Adverse climate conditions, specifically cold weather, aren’t just a nuisance—they’re dangerous for workers. When temperatures drop, the cabin of your truck becomes a hazardous environment. To ensure your safety and comfort, you need a quality cabinet heating system from Canvac Systems. Our in-cab heating systems, specifically our diesel-fired cabinet heaters, provide protection from the elements and allow you to operate your truck in an optimal work setting. Plus, the diesel flame ensures your truck equipment and components stay functional, saving you thousands on repairs. Each truck heating part is designed with the user in mind. The Espar Digi-Max D1000 sports an easy-to-read LCD screen and is simple to program and operate. When you combine this with an Espar D2 Air Heater and an Air Truck Digi Controller, your in-cab truck heater system is guaranteed to keep you safe and cozy. Contact our friendly team at Canvac Systems today for additional information and assistance with your order.

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