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When it comes to proper excavation, you need quality hydrovac nozzles to get the job done right. Our Ripsaw hydro excavation nozzle products provide a 0-degree straight water stream reaching up to 3,200 PSI. These high-speed, rotating hydrovac digging nozzles give you an 18-degree cone of coverage as water seamlessly liquifies soil. The ripsaw hydrovac nozzle is the perfect attachment for any excavation process, as it’s engineered specifically for the hydro-excavation industry! Our Suttner Turbo hydrovac nozzles also provide a 0-degree straight water stream in a 20-degree spray pattern. Still unsure of which product is best for you? If you are interested in the new  Dig Pig nozzles we carry these as well!

Reach out to our team at Canvac Systems today for additional information on hydrovac nozzles and sizes.

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