Electrode Insulator Assembly Kit; 5780

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Beckett #5780. When you buy a Beckett product, you benefit from more than 60 years of experience in the oil heating industry. Beckett quality and endurance have been tested all around the world. This kit replaces all models AF, AFG, AR, SF AND SR electrode assemblies through 9 in. air tube combinations.

Beckett 5780 Electrode Kit, For Use With Model AF, AFG, AR, SF and SR Burners.

Fits Electrode Assemblies Through 9" Air Tube Combination.

Kit Includes:
2 - Part No. EA12702J Electrode And Insulator Assembly
2 - Part No. 413 Hex Nut 10-32NF
2 - Part No. 3242P Coupling
2 - Part No. 3607 Rod Extension
1 - Part No. 61471 Lit. T-Gage
1 - Part No. T501 T-Gage