Kit 182 ; Repair Kit; 66 Series; Packing T1750(TSF2421)

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The General Pump K182 packing seal kit contains original manufacturer parts to repair worn or damaged seals on TSF2421 pumps! It contains enough parts to complete repairs of one cylinder seal; three kits will be required for complete pump packing seal repair. Please consult your pump's manual to confirm compatibility.

For use on TSF2421 series 66 pumps
Three kits necessary for complete pump seal repair

One kit repairs seals on one cylinder, parts included:
Part# 66080470, Seal Retainer, 24mm
Part# 90361600, O-Ring
Part# 90273800, Low Pressure Seal
Part# 66216470, Intermediate Ring, 24mm
Part# 90274100, High Pressure Seal