#12 SAE Side Ported Adjustable Flow Divider Valve 0-30 GPM

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  • Maintains flow speed (GPM) to your standards for your priority application.
  • Allows you to redirect oil to a secondary application.
      The Side Ported Priority Flow Divider Valve from Buyers Products splits the oil from a single inlet into two separate flows, ensuring that your oil flow is maintained at the proper speed (GPM) GMA regardless of load variations.
      One flow, the priority, is controllable and adjustable to your GPM needs using a lockable knob on the valve. The remaining secondary oil can be used for another need -- at the same time -- without affecting the pressure of the priority flow, or it can be returned to the tank.
        By splitting the flow in two, you can divert the secondary oil to a different operation while simultaneously ensuring you have the right GPM for your application.