Timer; Solid State, 5-60min. for Auto Start

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Preset and adjustable, 15 sec. run delay, 5-60 min. lockout, 24-240VAC input, 10A rating

The Solid State Timer 9.802-472.0, offers both preset and adjustable configurations. Designed for heavy-duty applications, This timer ensures a 15-second run delay and a lockout range between 5 to 60 minutes. With its 24-240VAC input and 10A rating, it's built to deliver consistent performance.


  • Configuration: Preset and adjustable
  • Run Delay: 15 sec.
  • Lockout: 5-60 min.
  • Input: 24-240VAC
  • Rating: 10A
  • Old Part Number: 6-036880
  • Durability: Heavy Duty
  • Weight: 2lbs