2.25x90B Nozzle; Oil Burner

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Delavan has been designing and manufacturing nozzles for the oil heating industry for over 60 years.

  • Precise spray angles and optimal spray uniformity through new machining process
  • Reduced distributor size with shorter tangential slots to avoid plugging
  • Sintered filter for maximum protection; sized depending on flow

HOLLOW-CONE Type A‚®-nozzles are mainly used on burners with a hollow cone air pattern and for through puts up to 2.00 GPH. The droplet distribution is concentrated on the outside of the cone and results in good ignition and low-noise combustion.

SOLID-CONE Type B‚®-nozzles produce a spray that
distributes droplets fairly uniformly throughout the
complete pattern. The spray pattern becomes progressively more hollow at higher flow rates, particularly above 8.00 GPH. Provides smooth ignition and
efficient combustion, particularly in larger burners.

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